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Vigil@nce: Outlook Express and Windows Mail, sensitive information recovery

August 2008 by Vigil@nce


A remote attacker can recover information with victim’s privileges.

Gravity: 2/4

Consequences: data reading

Provenance: document

Means of attack: no proof of concept, no attack

Ability of attacker: expert (4/4)

Confidence: confirmed by the editor (5/5)

Diffusion of the vulnerable configuration: high (3/3)

Creation date: 13/08/2008

Identifier: VIGILANCE-VUL-8025


- Microsoft Windows 2000 [confidential versions]
- Microsoft Windows 2003 [confidential versions]
- Microsoft Windows 2008
- Microsoft Windows Vista [confidential versions]
- Microsoft Windows XP [confidential versions]


MHTML format can save in a single file: a html file with pictures and others elements constituting the webpage.

Windows Mail and Outlook Express softwares do not correctly manage the loading of these kind of files, indeed MHTML protocol handler does not correctly interprets HTML headers.

A malicious file can therefore use this vulnerability to recover information with user rights.


Identifiers: 951066, CVE-2008-1448, MS08-048, VIGILANCE-VUL-8025

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