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Varonis helps Havas Media

January 2016 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Varonis Systems, Inc. detailed how its DatAdvantage for Windows solution helps Havas Media, a global marketing and communications group, control its data access and permissions while ensuring data security.

By using DatAdvantage, Havas Media significantly reduced the time it takes for the IT team to find out who is accessing, using, and deleting information from its Windows environments. This not only helps improve security, it also decreases the time it takes to conduct internal audits and create reports, and, last but certainly not least, gives its clients peace of mind that their data is secure.

Reduced possibility of insider threats:

With a growing number of high profile brands on its client roster, Havas needed to be prepared to prove that its data is secure.

"With Varonis, we can prove that people don’t have access to data to which they shouldn’t have access. Clients often require proof of who has access to their data and who has touched their data. Varonis has helped us to automate the permissions process while giving our clients peace of mind that their data is safe," said John Clark, group network manager at Havas Media. "Additionally, DatAdvantage gives us an advantage over the competition when we pitch new clients."

Better control and simplified management:

With data spanning newly merged companies, Havas Media needed to accelerate data assessments and user data access management and ensure on an ongoing basis that only the right employees have access to the appropriate client data.

Clark continued, "Because we had been bought out, and combined with three other companies, sorting out all of the permissions for the different companies’ data was an enormous challenge. To get it right, we needed some sort of solution to help us do it. Varonis fit the bill and has done a good job."

"Varonis DatAdvantage helped us to get rid of the chaos, or what could have been chaos, that comes with figuring out permissions when companies are acquired under a new brand. Varonis helped make the transition much smoother," explained Clark. "In IT, it’s a common problem to deal with permissions that seem correct, but don’t filter down properly, so you get a lot of helpdesk calls from users who can’t access what they think they should be able to. Varonis’ ability to find inconsistencies using visual indicators has been a huge help and errors have been greatly reduced."

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