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UL Cloud-based Payments Test Suite qualified by MasterCard

April 2016 by Coline Magne

UL extends its Cloud-based Payments test tool portfolio with a test suite to validate functional behavior of MasterCard Cloud-based Payment applications. This test suite has been officially qualified by MasterCard®.

Issuers of cloud-based payments products need to define mobile payment application profiles; manage keys, and tokenized PANs; issue and operate applications; and manage all this in compliance with the payment brand requirements. The UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suite for MasterCard MCBP applications can be used to test MasterCard mobile payment applications as well as to prepare for formal approval by MasterCard. Therefore, besides helping with pre-certification, the test suite also speeds up the whole certification process.

The UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suite for MasterCard MCBP applications includes all the contactless test cases as defined in the MasterCard cloud-based payments specification and it allows testing of a MasterCard cloud-based payments compatible application installed on an NFC-enabled mobile device using a contactless reader. In addition, detailed analysis of all APDU-level communication with interpretation of the data elements involved gives a tester great insight and helps in debugging the application under test.

Furthermore, the user of the tool can use own batch files for personalization of the profiles, opening and closing payment application, and entering mobile PIN. Lastly, the test suite supports importing test plans in the new MasterCard specific RegTool Syntax v1 format. This allows mobile payment application developers, card issuers and test labs to test payment application implementations based on HCE and cloud-based specifications from MasterCard and to obtain global interoperability. In addition to MasterCard, UL provides cloud-based payment functional test suites for Visa and Discover as well.

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