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UK businesses face growing threat from cyber-attacks - Comments from Smoothwall

April 2018 by Rob Wilkinson, Corporate Security Specialist at Smoothwall

The comments from Rob Wilkinson, Corporate Security Specialist at Smoothwall in light of the news today from the National Cyber Security Centre discussing how UK businesses are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

“The National Cyber Security Centre’s new report highlights the worst kept secret in the cyber security industry at the moment; cyber attacks are on the rise and businesses and governments increasingly face nefarious threats from all directions. As one of the leading economies, military powers and business hubs in the world, the UK is particularly vulnerable to external hacks from threat actors looking to take advantage of gaps in these organisations’ security defences.

“And there are two particular threats that stand out; from a business perspective, hackers are targeting SMEs in larger firms’ supply chains in order to gain access to financial, personal and sensitive data within those bigger companies. SMEs – with traditionally lower cyber security budgets – are most vulnerable to attacks and so are seen as an easier ‘way in’. From a business and consumer perspective, the Internet of Things also poses a grave threat. Even kids’ toys today do not have the necessary security provisions to protect unsuspecting children – just last year, a connected teddy bear leaked two million parents’ and children’s voice messages when it was discovered that the toy’s company’s database wasn’t properly protected by a password.

“As cyber attacks become increasingly potent and frequent, it is imperative that companies have a multi-layered approach to their web security defence systems which includes web filtering, firewalls, encryption and the latest in ongoing threat monitoring to weed out potential dangers. From the small teddy bear to the government, shoring up cyber security defences is an absolute necessity in 2018.”

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