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Twitter hack: Comment from an Opentext company Webroot

July 2020 by Nick Emanuel, Director of Product at Webroot

The comment from Nick Emanuel, Director of Product at Webroot, an Opentext company, that provides internet security for consumers and businesses adds something different.

“The final analysis of this hack could once again highlight the fact that employees can still be an organisation’s weakest link with regards to security. With Twitter having announced earlier in the summer that all employees are working from home until September, it’s possible that access to a control panel or API set has been initiated by compromising an employee’s device on their home network.

If proven, this would highlight again failings from an employee education perspective, which should be the bedrock of any security strategy. Companies can invest in sophisticated cybersecurity software and services, but these can be compromised simply if employees are clicking on dangerous links which give cybercriminals access to a network. That’s like setting the home security alarm, but leaving a window open – you’ll be playing catch-up after the bad guys have got in.

Highly public cyber-attacks such as these emphasise the need for businesses to have strong education programmes in place to improve employee vigilance and to form a highly important line of defence. With the slow return to office locations blended with a larger mix of remote employee locations, businesses should review and ensure they have clearly defined security policies and procedures. These should be designed to protect a highly mobile and hybrid workforce when working in the office, working remotely, and have a clear policy on the use of personal devices for work.”

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