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Tufin News Release: Orchestration Suite R21-3

November 2021 by Marc Jacob

Tufin® announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite R21-3, featuring a new integration with Zscaler Cloud Firewall, part of the Zscaler Zero Trust ExchangeTM, to centralize and simplify Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) policy management. This release also provides enhanced functionality to help admins minimize risk and streamline daily operations. Powered by Tufin’s new security policy dashboard, security administrators benefit from centralized, instant visibility into key access policy issues for proactive resolution, in addition to enhanced automated workflows to help accelerate data center migration and compliance.

Centralize visibility and simplify policy management with Tufin and Zscaler integration

Using multiple, siloed tools to manage security policies across the hybrid cloud is complex, time-consuming, and leads to incomplete visibility into enterprise security posture. In R21-3, Tufin extends its visibility and policy management capabilities to support the Zscaler Cloud Firewall. The integration enables organizations to easily achieve unified visibility and standardize security policy management of Zscaler SASE policy rules alongside other vendors’ policies, directly from the Tufin console.

Deliver critical insights for proactive remediation with new security policy dashboard

Using disparate solutions to gain a holistic view and gathering critical risk indicators of your hybrid environment’s security posture requires the consolidation of data and analysis of multiple, complex data points. Tufin’s new and intuitive dashboard provides real-time, unified insight into operational, security, and compliance data from multiple security platforms. The dashboard was designed in collaboration with Tufin users, to provide them with an instant view of the most critical metrics, such as security policy violations, expired and uncertified access rules, and policy optimization recommendations. Users are alerted on issues in real-time, where they can prioritize and resolve them before they create a downstream effect.

Accelerate data center migration via automated workflows

A typical data center migration process involves cloning existing network policies, so that the newly migrated networks will maintain the same level of security, as well as the removal of obsolete subnets and networks from existing policies and rule bases. These changes, if done manually across a mix of vendors and products, can be an arduous and error-prone process.

What’s more, security administrators often avoid removing migrated networks from policies, for fear of causing an outage and disrupting business continuity. Leaving these networks in policies and rules can result in an increased attack surface. With R21-3, users can leverage Tufin SecureChange workflows to automatically clone security policies of networks and remove obsolete networks from these policies across the multi-vendor, hybrid environment.

Using automation to power both tasks is the most effective way to avoid misconfigurations and helps admins to accelerate data center migration projects while maintaining a strong security posture.

Tufin Orchestration Suite R21-3 will be generally available in December.

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