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TrustPort survey: will a paid antivirus survive in five years?

November 2012 by TrustPort

TrustPort is announcing the results of a worldwide survey, which has been taking place between users of AV solutions for one year. Respondents who took part in this survey came from 40 countries from all over the world. Most of the answers came from Asian countries. Fifty three per cent of those questioned were in the age ranging from 20 to 33 years. These public opinion polls brought interesting results, which were processed into a clearly arranged infographic.

“Although some predictions of prognostic institutions show that paid antivirus solutions are past their prime, the response according to the last survey is quite different. Fifty two per cent believe that almost everybody or absolute majority will use paid versions of antivirus in the next five years“, says Marcela Parolkova, Sales Director at TrustPort. “The survey showed that more than half of respondents use a paid version of antivirus and only three per cent don’t use any antivirus solutions at all.“

The most used feature of an antivirus program is the on-demand scanner. This function is used regularly by 62 per cent of those surveyed. More than one tenth of respondents use secure data shredding. The use of disk encryption is more than advisable in this time of portable devices, because it can prevent leakage of private data with the loss of a laptop. Nevertheless, it is used by users very sporadically. Almost one fifth of respondents don’t use any additional features of antivirus products, and they let the software run in the background of their computer unnoticed.

“The survey surprised us when we found out that only 2 per cent of all questioned use the parental lock feature, which basically prevents children browsing websites with inappropriate content. We believe that this result is related to the average age of the respondents – the overall majority was younger than 33 years. Unfortunately, parents’ awareness about what their child does on the internet still remains very low. I believe that the incoming generation of computer literate parents will take a higher interest in the online life of their children much more,“ adds Pavel Mrnustik, CEO at TrustPort.

The TrustPort company follows the current trends in the field of information technology very attentively. More and more users back their data up in cloud or in portable devices. For that reason TrustPort offers them secure encryption in cloud or in smart phones for free. While the development of new technologies is more than ever aimed at the cloud, research shows that users will continue to store their data in computers. According to the survey, the absolute majority of users will continue to use antivirus solutions in the next five years.

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