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Tigera released its 2023 State of Calico Open Source

August 2023 by Tigera

Tigera released its 2023 State of Calico Open Source: Usage & Adoption Report, which polled more than 1,200 global users of the most widely-adopted container networking and security solution: Calico Open Source. The press release is here and copied below.

The report highlights what capabilities today’s IT pros need for container networking and security. The report revealed:

• Critical Capabilities – The main capabilities users need in their networking/container solution are:
o Scalable networking (35%)
o Security policies (35%)
o Interoperability across different environments (33%)
o Encryption capabilities (30%)

Lack of network visibility in Kubernetes clusters and workloads can cause misconfigurations, which can lead to devastating consequences like ransomware attacks, exposure of sensitive data, denial of service (DoS) attacks and unauthorized lateral movement. Visibility at the workload level to identify and mitigate misconfigurations and threats that traditional perimeter-based security solutions cannot identify is critical.

• Policies – The most popular type of security policy Calico users deploy are:
o Workload access policies that limit pod to pod communication (61%)
o Secure egress access policies (41%)
o Microsegmentation policies (24%)
o Compliance (8%)

85% of users said they needed to achieve network segmentation and protect east-west traffic. IT leaders need enhanced security controls at the workload level to limit pod-to-pod communication, reducing the risk of lateral movement of threats and contributing to compliance efforts.

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