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ThreadFix Integrates Top Developer Tool for Salesforce Extending Support for Top Cloud Service Providers

July 2021 by Marc Jacob

Coalfire announced the ThreadFix integration with Clayton, the developer tool for automated code and security reviews for Salesforce. ThreadFix is the industry-leading application security orchestration and correlation (ASOC) platform and its integration with Clayton will make it the only platform on the market built for Salesforce application scanning. Scan results from Clayton will be merged into ThreadFix, enabling organizations to optimize development efficiency while protecting against vulnerabilities inherent to Salesforce that put customer data at risk.

As cloud infrastructure grows, it becomes an increasingly lucrative target for threat actors. In order to keep pace with the speed of business, organizations rapidly deploy software updates to the cloud at the expense of effective code reviews. If left unaddressed, vulnerability flaws on a platform as significant as Salesforce can increase costs by 2.5 times and cut development team agility by 43 percent.

To combat these issues, ThreadFix has integrated with Clayton, making it possible for development teams to manage Salesforce code deployments alongside enterprise application security testing, through a single unified view of all scanning results. Clayton is built for continuous delivery and automatically checks all pro and low-code developments in real time to ensure that applications are secure without overwhelming teams with false positives.

ThreadFix bridges the gap between application security and development teams, enabling enterprises to quickly address critical vulnerabilities in the software applications that support their business. The platform accelerates vulnerability remediation by up to 40 percent, enabling clients to build and deploy software faster, all while protecting sensitive data. ThreadFix also saves analysts time by filtering through and deduplicating repeated vulnerabilities identified from multiple scan engines. This in turn, decreases scanner findings by 15 to 35 percent on average, with some examples reaching 50 percent.

These capabilities, combined with Clayton’s ability to check code with 99 percent accuracy, are 3,500 times faster than manual scanning and will help customers build and deploy secure, state-of-the-art apps on Salesforce faster than ever before. By providing teams with a comprehensive view of their vulnerabilities early in development, ThreadFix and Clayton ensure that applications are secure from beginning to end.

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