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The residents of the digital village of Chooz free from spams and viruses!

November 2010 by Marc Jacob

On the competitive market of spam fighting, Altospam continues to seduce a large and diversified clientele in search of safety performance and ease of implementation. After the High Authority of Health has renewed its contract for four years, last August, it’s the famous digital village of Chooz which has just chosen Altospam, the externalised email protection solution provided by the company OKTEY from Toulouse.

The digital village of Chooz in the Ardennes has been working since 1997 to achieve an original development of ICT usage hoping to become a model for similar townships wishing to benefit from its experience.

The council has, among other things, set up access to different connected spots, training spaces, a site of collective memory to digitize historical documents and finally the granting of an email address for all its inhabitants. It is within this initiative that the IT manager Fabrice Rasquin, has trusted Altospam: "... Having toured the market, Altospam has emerged as the best technical solution providing filtering performance without being too much blocking."

According to Stéphane Manhes, founder and head of OKTEY "Altospam is proud to be associated with a citizens IT initiative and thus enable all families in the village of Chooz to communicate freely on the internet without being bombarded with spams and viruses ... " With over 4 billion spam messages sent to french internet users daily, 135 billion worldwide, and the significant increase in fraud, abuse and theft of personal data of all kinds, security solutions such as Altospam are positioned on an exponentially growing market with strategic stakes for corporate customers, institutions, communities as well as individuals.

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