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The most cost effective way to launch a private cloud offering

May 2017 by Janin Heniqui, Senior Manager - Product Development, Datacenter Luxembourg

Datacenter Luxembourg is a European Service Provider with proven experience in working with System Integrators and Software Vendors. Over the last decade Datacenter Luxembourg has acquired the know-how to set up ready to use cloud environments designed to support an effective launch of a cloud offering. They are built on fully redundant infrastructures hosted in Luxembourg’s prime tier IV datacenters and provide a user experience of endless resources and uninterrupted services availability.


With Datacenter Luxembourg’s Private Cloud Infrastructure services, there is no need to become an expert in virtualization or network technologies and there is also no need to invest in datacenter infrastructures or cyber-attack mitigation systems. The necessary tools have been are implemented to provide Datacenter Luxembourg’s customers with an access to a centralized cloud automation platform enabling them to deploy, manage and grow a set of virtual private servers which can individually be configured to deliver resource intensive business solutions. Using Datacenter Luxembourg’s Private Cloud Infrastructure services is all about mastering the increasing complexity of today’s IT. It is all about remaining relevant and about building the foundation for new business by leveraging the experience and the knowledge of experts which have kept their focus on their core business. It is in this context that Datacenter Luxembourg has decided to strengthen its position as a provider of excellent internet and cloud infrastructures for IT services providers and software vendors and to develop a company culture that fits with the values of true partnership: integrity, flexibility, reactivity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Datacenter Luxembourg is convinced that in doing so, it will not only unleash a virtual spiral of innovation of innovation but also generate new sources of profit. Participating in public contracts has for an example typically been out of reach for many IT SMEs as they often were not able to cover the full scope of services requested in the call for tenants or had difficulties to deliver at a competitive price. By joining forces with System Integrators and Software Vendors, Datacenter Luxembourg expects to create win-win situations helping to overcome this type of barriers and create new business opportunities for everyone involved. Datacenter Luxembourg has more than 15 years of experience as an internet, connectivity and cloud service provider. It hosts platforms that deliver services to over 40 million users in 190+ countries using the biggest installed bandwidth in Luxembourg.

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