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The Cloud Security Debate: Weighing Risks and Benefits

December 2023 by Patrick Houyoux LL.M. ULB, Brussels, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. President – Director PT SYDECO

In a recent article dated December 2, 2023, Patrick Ruiz revealed a significant data breach at Okta, Inc., a San Francisco-based American company specializing in identity and access management software for businesses utilizing cloud-based services. This breach, combined with prior incidents like Google Drive’s data loss, reignites concerns about the reliability of cloud service providers (1).

Ruiz acknowledges the undeniable advantages of Cloud computing: cost-efficient infrastructure maintenance, reduced energy consumption, rapid deployment of applications, and accessible backup solutions. However, he fails to address the associated costs.

Conversely, David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp disputes the cost-effectiveness of Cloud services. In October 2022, Hansson stated that Basecamp spent over $3.2 million in the Cloud, prompting their shift to on-premise hosting, a move projected to save $7 million over 5 years while only requiring a $600,000 investment in hardware amortized over the same period (2,3).

While Ruiz emphasizes Cloud benefits, he overlooks its glaring security concerns. These include weak access management, insecure APIs, system vulnerabilities, internal and external threats, data loss, and challenges in cost optimization.

Statistics from Check Point Research show a 48% surge in Cloud-based network attacks from 2021 to 2022, corroborated by Kaspersky’s prediction that Cloud technology will become a prime target due to increased digitization (4, 5).

Apple’s recent study, released on December 7, 2023, underscores the intensifying threat. With over 80% of breaches involving Cloud-stored data, and a staggering 2.6 billion records compromised in the past two years, the data security risks in the Cloud are alarmingly evident (6).

Considering these security risks, the article questions the perceived advantages of Cloud computing. Is it wiser, as Basecamp did, to invest in secure, cost-effective in-house solutions rather than entrusting sensitive data to external Cloud services?
PT SYDECO’s Integrated Protection System, encompassing NGFW ARCHANGEL©2.0, VPN Server and SydeCloud© Server, Online File Sharing System, offers an enticing alternative. By housing data and security infrastructure within the organization, it ensures a controlled environment for data processing, storing and transmitting data and accessing it securely, wherever you are, without relying on external interventions (7).

In conclusion, while Cloud computing presents undeniable benefits, the escalating security risks prompt a reevaluation of its true advantages against in-house solutions. The choice between cost-effectiveness and data security remains a critical consideration for businesses in today’s digital landscape.



(3) Bill Fassinou, 23 ferier 2023,





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