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The 9 Ways Your Network is Susceptible; How printing, scan-to-email, and faxing documents are major security risks

October 2015 by NUANCE

Hackers have a new way into your organisation and the information you’ve worked so hard to secure is ripe for the taking. What many don’t realise is that your digital copiers & MFPs (Multi-Function Printers) could be increasing this risk. They have hard drives, operating systems, and the ability to communicate inside and outside your organization and as such these systems should be part of your network security PLAN. And because they are not often thought of by companies as a security risk, they can often be left out of that plan inadvertently.

Here are some of the ways your network is the most vulnerable:

Anyone can pick up documents from printers and MFPs
Anyone can see printouts containing private customer or employee information
No user identification or authentication at network MFPs
Network MFPs can send to untrustworthy destinations
Anyone can pick up documents from faxes machines
Anyone can fax documents to any destination without tracking
Guests in your office can utilize network MFPs without restriction
All activity on your network MFPs is not recorded or audited
Documents scanned on MFPs are not encrypted

If you think your organisation may be guilty of even a couple of these vulnerabilities, then you need to take action NOW.

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