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TaC-Together against Cybercrime International launches CYBERVICTIM.HELP

May 2020 by Marc Jacob

All human activity has gone online since the coronavirus lockdown began, resulting in an exponential rise in fraudulent internet activity. The global anti-cybercrime non-for-profit organisation TaC International has decided to make use of its expertise by offering free real-time assistance for victims of cybercrime. The service is offered worldwide by trained Ambassadors located on different continents and able to assist in different languages (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Russian) and time zones.

In France, as in other countries around the world, the lockdown situation has made cyberspace a vulnerable environment for online threats (phishing, malware, ransomware attacks, online fraud, the use of money mules, etc.) commonly referred to as cyber-criminal threats, as pointed out by Europol on 27 March.

All spheres of life are now dependent on cyberspace. The need to handle large volumes of information, coupled with the fact that the services of IT and legal professionals are closed or difficult to access during the lockdown and that law enforcement bodies are under pressure or unable to handle all cybercrime cases, creates a paradise for cybercriminals, who are ready to take advantage of the pandemic.

Professionals and organisations are now exposed to cyber risk even more than before the virus reached our societies. Remote workers are not always prepared, and companies have been forced to introduce online or remote solutions in a rush, without always having the appropriate online security procedures in place.

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