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Symantec Introduces Services to Help Customers Protect Corporate Reputations

December 2007 by Marc Jacob

Symantec Corp. announced enhancements to its early warning DeepSight Services with two new alerts to help businesses protect their corporate reputation - Network Infection Alerts and Brand Protection Alerts. Network Infection Alerts identify outbound attacks from a corporate domain. Brand Protection Alerts notify companies of phishing sites abusing their brand name. DeepSight provides actionable security intelligence to help businesses respond to threats effectively and efficiently.

Network Infection Alerts monitor the Symantec Global Intelligence Network for malicious activity coming from a specific IP address range, such as a company’s Web site. Such activity could indicate a malicious code infection within a company’s network which is potentially damaging to corporate reputation. Network Infection Alerts provide the required details for IT staff to locate the infected machine and begin the remediation process.

DeepSight also provides Brand Protection Alerts which notify customers when phishing sites are identified that spoof their brand. According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, Volume XII, Symantec observed an 18% increase in the volume of unique phishing messages in the first half of 2007. The Brand Protection Alert provides enough details, including IP address as well as dates and times for the site’s activities, allowing the company to pursue take-down of the phishing site.

DeepSight has also enhanced the delivery of alert information by adding RSS capabilities to the service. Customers can now set up an RSS reader to retrieve most security alert types from DeepSight. RSS, really simple syndication, is a technology which allows people to capture information from a variety of sources and build a list of updates in an RSS reader. DeepSight RSS feeds will benefit IT employees working remotely by being able to get timely, credible information through a remote device or at a remote location. DeepSight RSS requires an RSS reader which complies with the RSS 2.0 specification and uses authentication over SSL certificate encryption. DeepSight RSS delivers basic alerting information, including a short summary of the alert along with a link to the full alert within DeepSight.

Global Intelligence Network

DeepSight Services draw data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which consists of Symantec data collected from more than 40,000 sensors deployed in more than 180 countries in addition to a database that covers more than 22,000 vulnerabilities affecting more than 50,000 technologies from more than 8,000 vendors. In addition, Symantec gathers malicious code reports from more than 120 million client, server and gateway systems employing Symantec solutions. Symantec also reviews more than 2 million decoy accounts that attract e-mail messages from 20 different countries around the world allowing Symantec to gauge global spam and phishing activity. Finally, Symantec gathers phishing information through the Symantec Phish Report Network, an extensive antifraud community of enterprises and consumers.

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