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Swissbit Launches D1200 Datacenter SSD

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Swissbit announces the launch of its latest PCIe SSD specifically designed for data center applications. The new D1200 SSD is optimized for workloads demanded by applications including databases, cloud computing, media streaming or artificial intelligence (AI). It combines outstanding performance values, reliability and an extended NVMe feature set, including security functions for demanding cloud applications.

In addition, features including Full Data Path Protection, NVMe-MI for out-of-band-management and Secure Boot are available to protect critical data and guarantee system security. Swissbit’s D1200 SSD is immediately available with storage capacities of 7.68 TB and 15.4 TB.

The U.3 SSD is based on enterprise-grade 3D-TLC-NAND (eTLC), is backwards compatible with U.2, and has both a 4-lane PCIe and NVMe 1.4 interface. As a result, it achieves bandwidths of up to 6,900 MB/s for sequential reads and 7,000 MB/s for sequential writes. Up to 1.6 million IOPS for reads and 900,000 IOPS for writes are possible with Random Access. With support for up to 128 namespaces, D1200 provides high flexibility and efficiency for virtualizing cloud applications and managing data in data centers. Its endurance values are at least 1.5 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day), when measured against a standardized workload (JEDEC Enterprise Workload) over a 5-year period.

The SSD also includes many more features that enhance data security even further. These include Full Data Path Protection, NVMe-MI for out-of-band-management, telemetry, Persistent Event Log and AES-data-encryption. By verifying firmware integrity and encryption before loading, Secure Boot adds an additional layer of security.

Distribution and Availability

The D1200 data center SSD is readily available.

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