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SureCloud helps Equiom to manage IT vulnerabilities and enhance security to support its future growth

November 2018 by Marc Jacob

International professional services provider Equiom has selected cyber security and GRC specialist SureCloud to identify vulnerabilities in the company’s IT Infrastructure and provide recommendations and training for improving its security posture. SureCloud is delivering all services as part of its Pentest-as-a-Service platform.

Equiom selected SureCloud to provide a centralised platform for managing of all elements of Equiom’s vulnerability management projects, after its solution demonstrated the ability to provide a single snapshot of Equiom’s security posture at any given time.

With plans to scale, Equiom’s existing infrastructure was that of a small business and not able to support its ambitions. The company undertook a review of its entire IT infrastructure, including the network, software, and servers, with a key focus on cybersecurity, to develop systems that could support the business’ growth strategy.

After assessing a number of options, Equiom selected SureCloud’s Pentest-as-a-service to encompass:

• Cybersecurity penetration testing services
• Internal and external vulnerability testing and management
• Social engineering including simulated phishing exercises and simulated ransomware attacks
• Physical social engineering

Stephen Roberts, Global IT Director for Equiom Group, commented: “SureCloud provides peace of mind to our stakeholders and customers that our security posture in excellent health as we grow. The platform and its applications are easy to use and highly scalable. As we work to triple the size of the business over the next four years, we can do so while confidently relying on the platform to ensure that security is not compromised during that process.

“Through SureCloud we have raised our security posture to a level where our systems can help detect threats so that we can prevent attacks before they impact the business.”

After successful deployment of SureCloud’s Pentest-as-a-Service, Equiom has also deployed SureCloud’s GDPR application, which feeds data back into the platform enabling the company’s compliance status to be assessed at the same time.

The additional applications can be accessed from the SureCloud platform, which will further simplify Equiom’s security procedures and improve its overall compliance posture. Together, the applications will help Equiom achieve complete oversight over its infrastructure.

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