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Student Loans Company has been targeted by phishing scammers- industry comment from Mimecast

September 2017 by Dan Sloshberg, cyber resilience expert at cybersecurity firm Mimecast

Following the news that the Student Loans Company has been targeted by phishing scammers, the comment from Dan Sloshberg, Cyber Resilience Expert, Mimecast.

Comment from Dan Sloshberg, cyber resilience expert at Mimecast:

“This phishing attack makes one thing clear – students are easy targets for cybercriminals.

“Whilst at school and university, students have not yet benefitted from corporate security training so are more likely to fall victim to these types of attacks and divulge personal details.

“To combat this problem, schools and universities must provide ongoing cyber security education to help students spot the tell-tale signs of suspicious activity before clicking links or opening attachments. This is especially important as technology becomes more engrained in education and the workforce.

“Businesses must also think about education as a way of protecting the company, otherwise they risk hiring individuals who could weaken their human defence and cyber resilience.”

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