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StorMagic’s performance at Technology Live! London, based on Edge storage & computing.

June 2023 by Valentin Jangwa, Global Security Mag

Founded by A3 Communications, Technology Live! Is a one-day event where vendors showcase their technologies in action to technical journalists, bloggers, influencers, and analysts. A3 Communication has been coaching the Data Storage ecosystem for a while.

Mark Christie (Director of Technical Services) presented the latest news from StorMagic

During the last event, Bruce Kornfeld (Chief Product & Marketing Officer) and Mark Christie (Director of Technical Services) presented the latest news from StorMagic.
They started with the Company vision, which is solving the World’s edge data problems.
For that aim, StorMagic is focused on the Edge and SMB (Small and Mid-size Business) where it can help customers store, protect, and manage data.
That strategy has already brought in thousands of customers all over the World and made StorMagic being globally recognized as a trustworthy brand, awarded by STORAGE AWARD, CRN Tech innovators, and ranked in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
StorMagic has customers across all industries (Retail / Hospitality; Manufacturing; Healthcare / Pharma; Government / Education; Finance; Law; Energy / Utilities; Travel / Transformation…), and its partnership ecosystem is also impressive, ranging from AWS, Azure, VMware, Kubernetes, to Schneider Electric and many others.

All in all, StorMagic is helping its customers providing them with 3 key products.
SvSAN (Hyperconverged Infrastructure 100% uptime with only 2 nodes).
ARQvault VMS (Capture and View Surveillance Video, use and maintain it all).
SvKMS (Encryption Key Management, manage all keys, everywhere).

In a nutshell, based on the presentation from Bruce and Mark, I.T. starts at the Edge, where most data are created and captured.
Edge computing brings compute, storage, and applications closer to where users, facilities, and connected things generate, consume, and / or leverage data.
With the ability to place infrastructure and applications close to where data are generated and consumed, Organizations of all types are looking to Edge technology as a method of improving Business agility and creating new customers experiences.

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