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Sophos: Vrius protection on the Apple Mac? Get the facts

December 2008 by Sophos

Sophos has urged Apple Mac users not to panic in light of Apple’s recent advice to install anti-virus software, but instead to take calm, clear action to properly defend their Mac computers from internet attack.

During 2008, Sophos has identified a series of real-world threats that aim to steal from unsuspecting Mac users. The most recent, a financially-motivated Trojan horse called Jahlav, targets Mac users who visit infected websites hoping to see adult content by posing as a video plug-in. However, the threats are still small in number compared to Microsoft Windows.

"Although there are fewer threats on the Mac platform at present, Mac users should still be thinking sensibly about security," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. "Mac users should follow safe computing best practices like running an anti-virus product and keeping up-to-date with security patches."

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