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SolarWinds CISO on Safer Internet Day

February 2023 by Tim Brown, CISO, SolarWinds

Today is Safer Internet Day set to raise awareness about online safety the comment from Tim Brown, CISO, SolarWinds:

On Safer Internet Day, it’s important to remember that cybersecurity is no longer just the responsibility of the IT department. Everyone at a company has a role to play in helping ensure best practices are being followed from a security perspective. This means doing their best to limit shadow IT, using two-factor authentication, making sure you have good password hygiene and more. These are all simple best practices that every employee needs to follow.

This is critical because threat actors target both systems and human-centric failure points and often use a combination of the two in the most sophisticated attacks. For example, an attacker may use a password spraying attack — where they use common passwords to try and guess credentials for employees — to gain initial access and then find vulnerabilities within a system to exploit further. At the end of the day, it’s critical for organizations to focus on strengthening not only their systems but also focusing more on people through increased training and other initiatives.

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