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Social Security Scams

August 2016 by KnowBe4

Cyber criminals are targeting the Social Security Administration’s online service in two ways. One is a phishing scam which encourages employees to create an account, where user enter all their confidential information at the scammer’s site. Another method has scammers setting up My Social Security Accounts on behalf of people, and changing the account to direct the benefits checks to a bank account they control.

New Strains

A new threat, the Hitler ransomware, doesn’t encrypt files but simply deletes them.

Also, several other new ransomware strains are popping up.

cuteRansomware uses Google Docs to transmit encryption keys and gathering user information to evade detection.

Alfa scans its infected system’s local drives and encrypts over 142 file types, appending a “.bin” extension name to the locked file.

CTB Faker is spread via bogus profiles from adult sites that trick users with the promise to access a password-protected striptease video. The poisoned link then leads to the download of the ransomware hosted on JottaCloud.

Ranscam threatens to delete files unless a 0.2 bitcoin-ransom is paid. The files are deleted even if the ransom has been paid for.

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