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SlashNext Partners with ThreatQuotient

July 2019 by Marc Jacob

SlashNext announced its partnership with ThreatQuotient to enable IT, security analysts and incident response staff to speed threat hunting, email phishing IR, and strengthen existing anti-phishing protections. The integration of SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence with the ThreatQ platform gives users access to the industry’s broadest, most up-to-the-minute intelligence on live malicious URLs, Domains, IPs, and IOC metadata.

Combining SlashNext’s phishing threat intelligence with ThreatQuotient’s platform greatly reduces costly, time-intensive research on suspicious URLs by checking against definitive real-time phishing threat intelligence rather than inconclusive URL or domain reputation based systems. ThreatQ integrations with leading firewall vendors allows security teams to operationalize SlashNext phishing threat intelligence for blocking. This enables customers to better protect employees from zero-hour phishing threats, which is especially critical for larger organizations in industries such as financial services, government, defense, healthcare, energy, and large-scale manufacturing.

SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence is a continuously updated, blocking-ready threat feed covering all six phishing and social engineering threat categories, including: credential stealing, rogue software, scareware, phishing exploits, social engineering scams, and phishing callback C2s. SlashNext uses multiple sources to do large-scale, proactive threat hunting and inspects hundreds of millions of URLs daily. Phishing site detection is powered by SlashNext cloud-based SEER™ threat detection technology, which uses browsers to dynamically inspect suspicious page contents and server behavior in real-time to accurately identify malicious sites with near-zero false positives. This results in tens of thousands of new phishing site detections per day. Together with automated URL re-checking and retirement, it results in a dynamic, real-time feed of live phishing threats.

ThreatQuotient’s solutions make security operations more efficient and effective. The open and extensible platform, ThreatQ, reduces noise, highlights top priority threats and automates processes to provide greater focus and decision support. Offering continuous prioritization based on their organization’s unique risk profile, security teams are empowered to focus resources on the most relevant threats, and collaboratively investigate and respond with the aim of taking the right actions faster. With ThreatQ, customers can automate much of what is manual today and get more out of existing security resources, both people and infrastructure.

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