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SentinelOne raised the bar for cybersecurity solutions with its Singularity Platform

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

SentinelOne raised the bar for cybersecurity solutions with its Singularity Platform. Today, the company is pushing the bar higher, announcing a new user experience, a generative AI security assistant and significant enhancements to its Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, and Data Lake offerings. The game-changing upgrades, which will be delivered as part of the Unity release of the market-leading Singularity Platform, were previewed at OneCon, SentinelOne’s first-ever customer conference taking place at The Boca Raton Resort.

An AI platform to protect the entire enterprise

The Singularity Unity Release is a unique series of enhancements that SentinelOne will incrementally roll out over the next 12 months to revolutionise Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The platform will provide a new user experience and function as their command post and comprehensive system of record. With the integration of Purple AI, the Singularity Unity release will provide security teams with an optimised user experience that simplifies investigations, strengthens governance, and significantly improves key performance metrics, including Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR). Furthermore, the platform is built on Singularity Data Lake, which enables organisations to standardise on an AI-powered security platform that can consolidate Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Extended Detection Response (XDR) solutions.

“SentinelOne is truly the only next-gen vendor that is a single agent and a single platform in the cloud,” said Zack Moody, Global CISO, KYOCERA AVX. “We’ve had nothing but complete success with them, and we’re really excited to continue our partnership into the future.”

Singularity Data Lake: With the introduction of one-click data integration and normalisation, Singularity Data Lake will dramatically simplify security and log analytics projects. The addition of the new Singularity Graph will offer enriched correlation and contextual awareness, making it simpler to understand the potential impact of an attack and the paths an attacker might take. These enhancements make Singularity Data Lake a compelling alternative for SOCs and IT organisations reliant on log management and observability platforms.

Cloud security: As part of the updates in the Unity release, the Singularity Platform will feature a comprehensive Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) designed to secure both public and private cloud infrastructures. The combination of agent and agentless capabilities will provide robust run-time protection and real-time defences against threats, misconfigurations, and exposed secrets. These features seamlessly integrate with Singularity Operations Center and Data Lake, providing customers with visibility and operational governance over their entire estate.

Endpoint: With the Singularity Unity release, SentinelOne is enhancing its endpoint experience to be even more effective and user-friendly. This includes introducing new features such as Identity (conditional access and breached password detection) and Attack Surface and Exposure Management (prioritising and managing vulnerability exposures), which will be seamlessly delivered in a single, rebootless agent. These new capabilities and ease of operation, combined with SentinelOne’s continued leadership in the MITRE ATT&CK Framework evaluation for efficacy, make SentinelOne a clear choice for safeguarding endpoints.

Purple AI: SentinelOne is a pioneer in the application of AI to cybersecurity and has seamlessly integrated it across the Singularity Platform to elevate business efficiency and protection. Purple AI is designed to significantly reduce investigation and resolution times through natural language translation, summarisation, recommended queries and actions, and automated investigations.
Purple AI is currently in Beta and is expected to be generally available in Q1 2024.

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