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Semperis Introduces Security Exposure Scanning for Okta in its Purple Knight Community-Driven Security Assessment Tool

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Semperis announced the introduction of Okta security exposure scanning in its community-driven security assessment tool, Purple Knight, expanding the company’s multi-directory support beyond the widely used Microsoft identity platforms Active Directory and Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD).

Support for Okta in Purple Knight, which was first introduced in March 2021 and is now used by 20,000-plus organisations worldwide, follows multiple requests from partners and community users who use the identity platform, often in conjunction with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID. The initial set of 10 Okta security indicators includes checks for highly privileged custom roles, API tokens created in the past 7 days, and new Super Admin permissions granted to a group.

The key differentiator in Purple Knight’s introduction of Okta support is the ability to integrate Okta security results with Active Directory and Entra ID results in a hybrid identity environment, said Tammy Mindel, Semperis Product Manager.

According to the newly released 2023 Purple Knight Report, organisations receive scores averaging 72%—a low C grade—in the first scans of their identity environments with Purple Knight. By applying the prioritised remediation guidance provided by Purple Knight, organisations reported an average of 40% improvement in their security posture score, with some organisations reporting improvements of up to 64%. The support for Okta will expand Purple Knight’s value to companies with hybrid identity environments.

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