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SeMarket has been selected by the Ministry of Defence to present its Biometric access solution BioCloser Advanced at the CWID 2008

October 2008 by Marc Jacob

The Spanish group SeMarket has, through its company Biometric Technologies, been selected by the Ministry of Defence to present at the CWID 2008 its physical access and multimodal biometric solution BioCloser Advanced.

CWID (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration) is an important annual technological demonstration organised by the Spanish government and orientated primarily at evaluating security solutions for the military market. Only a pre-selected number of companies are chosen to attend the annual event which has the aim of improving the interoperability and the security of systems. Participation in the CWID event extends to the armed forces of the USA, CCEB countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, NATO member countries, NATO organisms such as (SACT, NC3A, SHAPE, EUCOM, NCSA), and PfP countries (The Partnership for Peace). The participants in the CWID 2008 event have included: The Army, Navy, the Spanish Defence Force, Civil Guard and the National Cryptography Centre.

BioCloser Advanced is an innovative physical access control solution offering maximum security. It recognises the identity of a person using multimodal biometrics (voice, face, and fingerprints) and to which can also be added smart cards and/or proximity RFID cards. Biometrics permits the identification of an individual based on their physical characteristics or behavioural aspects.

With BioCloser Advanced it is possible to achieve the highest level of personal security by combining:

- something you have (smart card and/or proximity card).
- something you know (personal PIN number).
- something you are (verification by voice, face and fingerprint biometrics).

By combining simultaneously the different biometrics of (voice, face and fingerprints) it is possible to increase the security of the system considerably.

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