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Scality delivers comprehensive, rock-solid portfolio for Splunk SmartStore deployments

October 2021 by Marc Jacob

Scality announced that it delivers a comprehensive and rock-solid portfolio of Disaster Recovery-enabled SmartStore ready deployment options as validated by Splunk. To provide enterprise customers with maximum data protection and deployment flexibility, Scality offers three SmartStore-ready architectures spanning single-site to multi-site models capable of ensuring zero recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives for superior delivery of Splunk’s mission critical data analytics.

Enterprise customers who depend on big data applications such as Splunk benefit from Scality being the only object storage vendor to be SmartStore ready for three distinct deployment options, including single site, two-site asynchronous replicated, and three-site synchronous writes. Scality’s three-site synchronous architecture guarantees immediate and accurate Splunk search results even in the case of the loss of an entire site. Read our blog for more about these three architectures here.

As cited in the Evaluator Group’s recent Technical Insight report Scality RING is:
• Supported as a warm tier object storage for Splunk SmartStore
• Scalable to support large multi-petabyte deployments
• Optimised with flexible data durability for three designs validated as SmartStore-ready
• Cloud-like with on-premises economics and control

In addition to the collaboration with Splunk, Scality continues to build the most comprehensive big data analytics solutions with one of the largest ISV integration programs. Key partners include Cloudera, Elastic, Weka and Vertica. Scality also extends its big data portfolio with Vertica Eon Mode certification. These partnerships have resulted in proven, validated solutions for customers, including one of the top three largest banks in the US.

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