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Sándor Cseledi, CEO, Balasys: “Never trust, always verify

June 2021 by Marc Jacob

Balasys is a vendor of proxy-based gateway technologies. His products are used by a significant number of Fortune 100 companies, including global telecommunication, financial, and government organizations. Sándor Cseledi, CEO, Balasys used to say: “Never trust, always verify”.

Global Security Mag: Can you introduce your Firm?

Sándor Cseledi : We have come a long way since we launched Zorp™, the world’s first proxy-based modular firewall, back in the year 2000. Balasys is a leading vendor of proxy-based gateway technologies. Our products are used by a significant number of Fortune 100 companies, including global telecommunication, financial, and government organizations. We provide flexible solutions in the field of perimeter defense, legacy server protection, Zero Trust Architecture, API- and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security.
Our highly qualified security engineers and developers deliver customized solutions to enterprise customers across the globe. We are committed to innovation, work continuously on new product concepts, and regularly participate in various R&D projects across the EU.

Global Security Mag: How does your solution work?

Sándor Cseledi : As I previously mentioned, we mainly focus on network security and API security markets:

• Proxedo Network Security (PNS) is a highly flexible, multipurpose network security software that can granularly control traffic to protect enterprises from advanced internal and external threats. It provides deep packet inspection (DPI) of regular and encrypted network communication and has the capability to filter and modify its content. Thanks to its flexible architecture, scriptable configuration, and in-depth authentication capabilities an organization can implement any security policy, including the Zero Trust model

• Proxedo API Security (PAS) is a specialized security gateway exclusively for protecting API endpoints. It’s a highly flexible network security solution that helps enterprises to gain control over the application traffic to prevent API-related breaches. Based on our deep packet inspection (DPI) companies can validate, encrypt, and analyze API traffic in detail. Thanks to its flexible architecture, enforcing custom security policies without compromise is easily realizable. Furthermore, besides protecting API endpoints, we also deliver API management and fraud management solutions in cooperation with our strategic partners.

• Zero Trust is not an overused buzzword, but an approach allowing companies to move defenses from static, network-based perimeters and focus on users, assets, and resources. Overall, it provides a collection of concepts designed to enforce accurate, least-privilege, per-request access decisions in information systems in the face of a network viewed as compromised. Based on our own Proxedo product family and other solutions, we have created a unique combination of products and services that significantly facilitates the partial or full implementation of Zero Trust Architecture for companies. It can be deployed either in greenfield projects, or through integrating certain components into an existing architecture.

Global Security Mag: Why is this unique?

Sándor Cseledi : Probably our most important USP is our seasoned, “black-belt” professional services team. This advantage stems from the fact that we are not one of the largest players in the global IT security market: we need to be flexible. Our consultants and integration engineers always try to identify the best solution to the client’s problem and customize our products during the implementation process to fully meet the exact requirements. It is also worth noting Balasys is a Hungarian company, our software fully developed in the EU.

Global Security Mag: What is your marketing strategy?

Sándor Cseledi : As most of our colleagues are Hungarians, our HQ is in Hungary. We started to build out our European operations in the last year, and we work with local experts, who are working in these markets for decades. Now we are focusing on creating the bases: finding partners, who can become our heroes in the given countries. As it is much easier to convince potential partners with good references, we also directly work on several projects everywhere to prove the real value of Balasys’ solutions.

Global Security Mag: What is your message to our readers?

Sándor Cseledi : I borrow the overall concept of Zero Trust architecture: “Never trust, always verify”. Do not trust blindly me, my colleagues, or Balasys, but verify the quality of our work. Fortunately, we are always open to a proof of concept or to a technical demonstration to prove the real capabilities of our products!

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