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Salt Security Enables Xolv Technology Solutions to Secure its API-Driven Healthcare Transformation Solutions

November 2021 by Marc Jacob

Salt Security announced that Xolv Technology Solutions, a provider of end-to-end solutions that reduce the complexity of delivering health care, is protecting its API-driven applications using the Salt Security API Protection Platform. Xolv uses the Salt platform to discover and secure the APIs that serve as the foundation for its technologies that enable home and community-based health services to improve accessibility, affordability, and care outcomes. Xolv helps organizations transform the way they work and deliver care outside of traditional hospital settings through its fully integrated suite of solutions ranging from clinical treatment operations to revenue cycle management.

Xolv built its custom web and mobile applications, used by both patients and care providers, using a combination of more than 90 APIs in a hybrid cloud infrastructure that spans on-prem, AWS, and GCP environments. Xolv found that the traditional tools it was using for API protection, including web application firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways, were generating errors, blocking non-malicious activity, and missing API attacks. The company turned to Salt Security and its platform that distinguishes proper API calls from malicious ones, discovers the full breadth of APIs across Xolv’s environments, supports testing and remediation insights for API development, and secures the Xolv applications from data exposure, exfiltration, and other malicious API attacks.

According to the State of API Security Report, Q3 2021, API-based attacks increased a staggering 348% from January 2021 to June 2021, a number that continues to rise alongside industry-wide modernization and digital transformation initiatives. Xolv’s enterprise application suite and security and infrastructure services support modernization and transformation efforts among care providers to improve productivity, drive down costs, and reduce manual work hours so providers have more time to focus on delivering quality care. Salt Security provides critical protection so these applications can scale with demand while remaining secure and compliant.

The Salt Security API Protection Platform provides comprehensive security of APIs’ entire lifecycle – build, deploy, and runtime. It enables organizations to catalog their APIs, see where they expose sensitive data, detect and block API attackers, scan and test APIs, and provide remediation insights that developers can use to harden APIs and improve the security posture over time. Through its patented API Context Engine (ACE) architecture – powered by big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) – the platform can identify the early indicators of an attack, stop attackers from advancing and turn attackers into penetration testers, leading to valuable feedback for security teams to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, keeping API-connected data and services safe, even as APIs change and environments scale.

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