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Royal Society: Digital technology vital to unlocking net-zero transition - Zscaler comment

December 2020 by Zscaler

Following today’s Royal Society research around the impact that digital technology is having on carbon emissions, please find some commentary below from Tony Fergusson, Director of Transformation Strategy, Zscaler. Feel free to use if you happen to be writing anything up on the report.

“Moving to the cloud has long been known to reduce energy consumption, but there’s not enough attention around how a lot of the technology we’re using in our day-to-day lives is having an impact on carbon emissions. How companies deploy these technologies, and how users consume them, will need to change. “Unfortunately, a large number of IT technologies—especially on-premises legacy solutions—represent a large carbon footprint, starting with their manufacturing processes and continuing all the way through to their sizable energy demands. Along with consumers looking to more green technologies, next year we will see a greater number of employees within businesses demand environmentally conscious company investments or partnerships, or at least an active carbon footprint strategy. The more green credentials become a competitive differentiator for success, the more we’ll see improvement from technology businesses.”

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