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Radiflow’s Services Keep Facilities Humming as OT-Networks Face Threat and Compliance Shifts

October 2023 by Marc Jacob

Radiflow, creators of the industry OT-security platform, CIARA, have announced services to help customers better plan and implement security measures into their manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities. This allows companies who may lack the in-house knowledge surrounding OT cybersecurity implementation to still protect their assets, ensure a quantifiable ROI, and remain within compliance standards.

The years-long shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals continues to be felt, leaving a large gap between available technologies and experienced professionals who know how to evaluate them and implement the suitable ones. In response, Radiflow has recruited extra talent to work with companies as needed to continuously secure their network by performing routine risk posture assessments using Radiflow CIARA and analyzing the alerts reported by Radiflow iSID monitoring tool. Instead of burning through resources trying to obtain, train, and retain a workforce, companies can now rely on Radiflow’s experienced OT cybersecurity experts for Risk Assessment and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) monitoring. This allows companies to keep their organizations secure and in operation while Radiflow runs breach attack simulation and anomaly detection technologies across their full OT network on a scheduled basis, as determined by each facility’s needs.

For companies to conduct proper OT-security activities, they must obtain the latest security snapshot on a continuous basis, so that teams can properly mitigate threats or prioritize the response to an incident. “It’s easy to say ‘continuous’ but it’s a labor-intensive process,” said Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow. “Here, we rely on our proven CIARA technology to carry out the processes, and Radiflow is there to help- taking a resource-intensive event and making it lightweight for companies to maintain while always remaining up to date.” Not just a one-time thing but a quarterly process since it’s important to continually assess risk posture and shift activities as needed.

This lightweight approach also applied to managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities for companies that have iSID in place but lack the resources to monitor and prioritize alerts. Without this, OT cybersecurity measures might become a victim of their own capabilities as reported alerts pile up without trained professionals to review them.

Radiflow, who worked with Brisa a Bridgestone-affiliated company, to perfect their OT Security technology implementation, will be presenting their findings at the ICS Security conference in Atlanta this week, focusing on the process and the resulting planning for long-term security.

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