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QuantLR and PacketLight Announce Successful Integration

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

QuantLR and PacketLight Networks have successfully accomplished a quantum-safe encrypted network by integrating the QKD services provided by QuantLR with the OTN encrypted transport provided by PacketLight.

QuantLR and PacketLight combined their respective technologies and expertise to enhance the efficiency, security, and scalability of quantum-safe communication networks. QuantLR’s QKD harnesses the principles of quantum physics to secure the transmission of sensitive data, resistant to eavesdropping and hacking attempts.

PacketLight’s devices deliver high capacity, reliable, and flexible transmission of data across DWDM networks, making them an ideal partner for this integration.

Teams at QuantLR and PacketLight worked closely to seamlessly integrate their technologies. They validated the compatibility of quantum communication systems with optical networking infrastructure through rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, stability, and reliability of the integrated solution.

This integration provides unparalleled ease of use. Thanks to a strong emphasis on simplicity and scalability, customers can effortlessly establish a QKD network over an existing PacketLight-supported network in under 30 minutes.

This successful integration and testing project between QuantLR and PacketLight represents a significant step forward in advancing the field of quantum communication. The collaboration demonstrates the viability of combining quantum solutions with optical networking infrastructure, unlocking new possibilities for secure and efficient data transmission.

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