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Primeur launched PRIMEUR DATA ONE™

March 2021 by Marc Jacob

From the passion for data and the futuristic vision of a leading Italian company in the field of Data Integration comes PRIMEUR DATA ONE™, the new hybrid, flexible and modular platform that aims to make data integration more accessible, simple and smart. Stefano Musso, CEO of the company, and Luca Musso, CTO of Primeur, explain the innovative features and important innovations of the product that can evolve the data operations of large companies in the public and private sectors.

In a society where the flow of data is constantly increasing, public and private companies need to manage, organize, use and control them in a secure and effective way. One of the main obstacles to Digital Transformation is the difficulty in making heterogeneous IT systems and applications "work together", born with different functionalities and in different historical periods. The only solution often seems to be the abandonment of these technologies in exchange for more functional and current application systems, thus giving up a company asset that is the result of large investments. A different, more agile and flexible solution comes from Primeur, an European multinational leader in the Data Integration sector, with the launch of its new hybrid data integration platform PRIMEUR DATA ONE™. At the economic level, the main benefit of this new platform is the capitalization of previous technological investments, since the hybrid, modular and flexible structure of DATA ONE™ makes it possible to integrate different technologies while maintaining their complete autonomy: in this way, investments already made by customers are preserved, cooperation between IT tools is facilitated and overall performance is increased. At the technical level, DATA ONE™ is the first platform to use the Contract Oriented Architecture (COA) methodology, which accelerates integration, provides greater control, and enables more effective data management. Companies will be able to take advantage of a smart, secure and flexible tool with a simple and intuitive user experience, allowing an increase in learnabilty and extremely fast time-to-use.

PRIMEUR DATA ONE™ is aimed at all large international companies in the banking and insurance, consumer goods, manufacturing, communications and public administration sectors that need to use the data they generate, collect or store during the various stages of their business in a secure, structured and efficient manner. The company wanted to create a complete platform capable of meeting the different needs of the market. In fact, PRIMEUR DATA ONE™ is composed of 4 modular modules with different features and functions: PRIMEUR DATA MOVER™ is the Managed File Transfer component that, thanks to an effective MFT system, is able to solve all data movement problems in a safe and effective way; PRIMEUR DATA SHAPER™ is the part enabled to transform data for their use by other devices; PRIMEUR DATA WATCHER™ plans, manages and controls end-to-end Data Integration, ensuring control and visibility over all flows; finally, PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY™ offers Data Quality and GDPR compliance services.

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