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Phishing Tackle introduce world’s first simulated smishing-as-a-service

October 2021 by Marc Jacob

Phishing Tackle, an UK Security Awareness Training and simulated phishing provider, today announced the release of the world’s first simulated Smishing-as-a-Service to the ever-growing capabilities of their phishing, policy management, and security awareness training platform.

With smishing attacks from the cyber criminals up by 700% from January to June 2021 in the UK alone, smishing is an essential tool to tackle phishing that an organisation must now deploy.

Some features of Phishing Tackle’s smishing solution include.
• Ability to create bespoke simulated smishing templates;
• Creating realistic smishing and phishing campaigns to run together;
• Track user responses, allowing you to see exactly where the weaknesses are within your organisation.

Smishing is available immediately.

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