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’Petya’ ransomware attack: Comment from ZoneFox

June 2017 by Dr. Jamie Graves, CEO, ZoneFox

The latest Petya Ransomware Trojan ransomware attack has hit and is plaguing organisations worldwide. Dr. Jamie Graves, CEO, ZoneFox comments:

"This is further confirmation that we now live in a world where nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks are becoming as routine as ‘real-world’ incidents.

"This latest attack reminds us of two crucial facts regarding the current state of cyber security: that attackers now have access – regardless of whether they are state-sponsored or independent – to military-grade cyber weaponry, hence the fact that the attacks are so successful. Secondly, that digital data is directly linked to physical assets; it’s not just computer systems shutting down, it’s energy grids losing power, ships stopping in their tracks and people not being able to access their money.

"Despite the headlines it will create, especially in the wake of the recent WannaCry incident, this is old news. The origin of this attack looks to be a phishing email that delivers a re-branded piece of ransomware, with the only addition being the NSA EnternalBlue exploits that WannaCry used. If you don’t have adequate security in place and a seriously security-conscious culture, you’re going to get a free penetration test to show just how vulnerable your organisation really is."

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