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Personal details of 200m US citizens exposed: Comment from ZoneFox

June 2017 by Dr Jamie Graves, CEO at cyber security specialists ZoneFox

Dr. Jamie Graves CEO at ZoneFox comments, “The mother of all data leaks has hit 200 million US citizens in one of the biggest recorded data breaches. This accidental leak revealed the personal information - not just names and addresses, but also private voting choices - of 62% of the US population.

“How the leak occurred demonstrates that the threat to data doesn’t always come from cybercriminals - it can just as easily happen if someone doesn’t understand the vulnerabilities of different platforms. There was no malice here, just a lack of education and it highlights just how profound the unintentional insider threat can be. All companies are in the business of data. As such they’ve got to ensure they have visibility into their most prized asset and know the security limitations of their chosen platform in order to be in control of their information. After all, if they aren’t in the driving seat how can they protect it?”

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