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OpenTrust Inks Deal to Secure more than 4,000 iPhones and iPads

October 2010 by Marc Jacob

OpenTrust, the Next-Gen IT security software publisher, announced that it will secure wireless network access for users of 4,000 iPhones and iPads for a leading global organization.

The customer is a global pharmaceutical company with a broad portfolio of products and presence across both traditional and emerging markets. It has more than 100,000 employees in over 100 countries.

The project will provide secure remote access to the corporate network for the growing number of iPhone and iPad users, thus significantly reducing roaming costs for remotely located employees. The potential demand for this service is expected to grow exponentially over the coming months.

OpenTrust’s innovate Mobile technology establishes unquestionable trust between the IT infrastructure, the mobile device itself and the user, authenticating the devices and the users to the corporate network.

OpenTrust Mobile is rapidly and seamlessly integrated within the existing corporate IT infrastructure for a low TCO solution turning iPhones and iPads into Trusted Devices. In addition to iPad and iPhone, OpenTrust Mobile supports other popular Mobile OS including BlackBerry and Windows.

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