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Office workers admit to a lack of cyber security concerns - comments from Fujitsu

May 2020 by Fujitsu

A new report from Tessian revealed that 48 per cent of office workers admit to being not too concerned about adopting safe data security practices while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also revealed that respondents felt enterprise data security policies impede their productivity, and around 54 per cent admit to finding their own workaround solutions to this issue

Off the back of the report, Fiona Boyd, Head of Enterprise and Cyber Security at Fujitsu shares her thoughts on the importance of employee training to address the cyber security challenge many organisations are facing:

“The findings on the lack of security concerns from workers should be worrying for every organisation. People can make-or-break a cyber defence just as much as clever technology. Workforces today are much more reliant on accessing systems remotely in far reaches of the world – all whilst at home. So the need for protection is critical to securely access systems and the sensitive data they contain, and at a time when attackers are exploiting remote working vulnerabilities organisations must ensure that employees do their part to keep the enterprise secure.

“The familiar surroundings of working from home can have the adverse effect that users are more likely to visit potentially dubious sites and click on links that they may not have in an office environment. It is imperative that businesses share best practice advice, provide workers with consistent security awareness training focused on the home office, and ensure they can easily report threats and incidents in real time. “While the use of shadow IT is a consideration, it is also harder to monitor in remote working models. It opens up potential vulnerabilities for an organisation. Policing the use of shadow IT is only part of the solution, which is why organisations must make it clear what the approved tools, devices and applications are for employees. Then staff do not feel as if they are being hindered in their day-to-day work.

“It is no doubt that organisations are struggling with visibility as employees work from home. My advice to all cybersecurity teams is to work across the business to identify all assets, such as devices, applications, people and data. By doing so, organisations can gain better visibility into the operating environments and put the people, processes, technologies – and most importantly the right training in place to help protect the organisation.”

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