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OSPT Alliance Responds to Growing Demand from Mobile Network

March 2015 by OSPT Alliance

In response to demand from mobile network operators (MNOs) for open standards for multi-application environments, industry association, OSPT Alliance, has published a whitepaper which offers guidance to MNOs on the specific value and benefits that its CIPURSE™ open standard can bring to automated fare collection (AFC), as well as a range of other services such as loyalty, couponing and event ticketing.

The free-to-download paper, titled ‘Mobile Network Operators Demanding Open Standards’ explains how the growing popularity of multi-application near field communication (NFC) services on mobile devices has led to a demand from MNOs for an open standard that enables them to deliver services that are secure, flexible and globally interoperable, while ensuring a seamless, efficient and user-friendly experience for consumers.

The document investigates the value that CIPURSE - the OSPT Alliance open standard that offers an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible fare collections solutions – brings to MNOs for a number of deployment options including: support for multi-application schemes, over-the-air application management, interaction with mobile wallet applications and integration with legacy public transport infrastructures.

“MNOs are already aware of the benefits that open standards offer over proprietary, closed loop systems,” comments Jörg Suchy, Chairman of the OSPT Alliance CIPURSE Mobile Working Group. “This paper therefore offers advice and direction to MNOs regarding the best way to utilize open standards to ensure they can deliver high quality, interoperable and secure services to consumers. The paper also highlights to MNOs the importance of implementing certified products in their applications. The CIPURSE certification program provides MNOs with the confidence that the products they implement in their solution will perform as expected once live in the field.”

Laurent Cremer, Executive Director of OSPT Alliance, adds: “OSPT Alliance invites MNOs to join the association allowing them to influence and define the evolution of the CIPURSE standard to ensure that it considers and fully supports their business and commercial requirements both today and in the future.”

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