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OKEx’s Cross-chain Recovery Program Successfully Retrieved Over 400M USDT for Users

May 2019 by Patrick LEBRETON

Depositing into an incorrect address is a very common but also frustrating mistake that users can make. Because of the irreversible nature of blockchain, recovering lost digital assets can be very dangerous and time-consuming. Many exchanges find the process too complicated and are not willing to do this for their customers.

But at OKEx, a Malta-based world-leading digital asset exchange, is committed to providing a trusted ecosystem for everyone to access to digital asset and always make the best endeavor to safeguard the assets of every users, including the recovery of cross-chain deposits.

Since January, 2018, OKEx has started the Cross-chain Recovery Program and performed 6 major successful recoveries of cross-chain assets for thousands of customers. We have successfully reclaimed over 400 million USDT worth of tokens from 3,283 transactions, including BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, and 15 more tokens.

User’s asset security is always the top priority. In order to ensure the safety of the digital assets, OKEx is constantly upgrading the security measures, including adopting the multi-signature and cold-storage technologies. However, to avoid the risks and the time-consuming recovery process, users are reminded to exercise extreme care and caution when depositing tokens.

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