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Numara announces Track-It! 10

July 2011 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Numara® Software, Inc., announced the availability of its latest version of Numara® Track-It!®, family of integrated IT management solutions including: Numara Track-It! HelpDesk; Numara Track-It! Inventory; Numara Track-It! Change; Numara Track-It! PC Migrate; and Numara Track-It! Remote.

With this new release, the Track-It! 10 family delivers even greater value to IT help desks. Track-It! HelpDesk now offers a brand new web interface for technicians, easier installation options, fully integrated work order scheduling, optimized user experience and productivity improvements. A new product, Track-It! PC Migrate, has also been added to the Track-It! family. Operating system deployments and software upgrades will be easier than ever before with a simplified way to capture and migrate user profiles.

Numara Track-It! 10 family key benefits and features include:

- The new web interface for technicians, Track-It! Web, allows access to Track-It! HelpDesk, Inventory and Knowledge Base from any location, from any computer, at any time; all that is required is a web browser. Whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or another browser entirely Track-It! Web supports all of them. Track-It! is unlike other help desk solutions which require IT technicians to log on to the solution from a specific PC, severely limiting their mobility and overall ability to efficiently manage their work orders. Furthermore, managing work orders as well as inventory is instantaneous due to the web availability, which eliminates any type of down time or wait period. This new feature gives technicians the flexibility and freedom of location, allowing for easy management and instant access to work orders, solutions and IT assets.

- Help desk technicians are equipped with the scheduled work order feature to ensure all requests, routine maintenance tasks and other issues are properly performed on time and never forgotten. With Track-It! HelpDesk Scheduled Work Order, IT can define and manage lists of work orders and repetitive tasks, automatically creating and assigning work orders and reminders to ensure the work is completed.
- Track-It! 10 incorporates new installation options designed to make it even faster and easier to install Track-It! than before. With the ability to choose default settings, IT can avoid unnecessary delays caused by not knowing what options to select.
- A new addition to the Track-It! family, Track-It! PC Migrate, enables IT administrators to seamlessly implement a company-wide initiative, such as migrating a new Windows® Operating system, or individual PC changes and upgrades, without disruption or extended end user downtime. The Track-It PC Migrate solution automatically preserves and migrates user profiles to ensure productivity levels remain intact and calls to the help desk are kept to a minimum.

- The expansion of the Track-It! Knowledge Base solutions continues to improve customer service and reduce costs. With the ability to mark solutions as public or private, IT controls access to its solutions database, ensuring that security is maintained.
- Track-It!’s newly designed Self Service web portal is easy to use and navigate, giving users the means to submit a work order, check on work order status, read and learn from knowledge base solutions, enter change requests, and more. Improved screen layouts and dynamic grids are user friendly and customizable, allowing for the most important customer information to be featured.

Numara Track-It! 10 is available immediately.

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