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Not another comment on Eurostar.. this time from Fujitsu

November 2018 by Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland

it’s been reported that Eurostar has reached out to customers about their passwords after hack attack. The comments from the industry, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland explains why Eurostar’s fast warning to customers should in fact be praised: particularly as cyber-attacks and data breaches within the transport sector are on the rise, meaning that a failure to address cyber can lead to damage to brand, reputation and customer trust:

"The latest news around Eurostar demonstrates a responsible approach to working with customers. Eurostar acted quickly to contain and communicate the breach after noticing suspicious behaviour. As we’ve seen with previous breaches - for example with Uber last year - the way a company handles a breach offers crucial lessons for the way organisations approach cybersecurity - and the potential consequences when they get it wrong. At the end of the day, it is not necessarily the incident itself that causes reputational damage, but the way it is handled.

"Cyber criminals are entrepreneurial, well-funded and well-motivated and instead of remaining reactive, businesses must transition to a proactive stance in identifying and containing breaches and communicating with their customers about how best they can work together in order to protect their online data. Safeguarding customer data and online business assets starts with a two-way communication process based on trust and transparency."

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