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Nixu Certification Ltd. accredited to audit high security information systems

June 2019 by Marc Jacob

In the fast-moving digital era, whether a company is building a space station or a simple digital platform - it is vital to be able to show that it has carefully considered the associated cybersecurity risks well beforehand and acted to mitigate them. Certification is a sound solution to verify compliance, gain trust, prove duty of care in case of a security breach, and a great help when negotiating better cybersecurity insurance deals.

As digitalization continues to progress at an accelerating pace, the importance of regulation will inevitably increase in the future. As a result, companies are increasingly in need of being able to demonstrate their ability to meet the regulatory requirements not only to authorities but also to their partners and customers.

In 2014, the European cybersecurity services company Nixu Corporation established an independent subsidiary Nixu Certification Ltd. to better serve the increasing needs of the market. Today, Nixu Certification is a well-established Certification Body and a trusted actor in the field of certification audit services. Nixu Certification acts as an official Information Security Inspection Body approved by the Finnish authority, Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom. Nixu Certification is accredited to assess the ability of organizations to protect classified Information of Finnish authorities. In June 2019, Nixu Certification reached Katakri 2015 protection level III accreditation that equals EU classification of CONFIDENTIAL (2013/488/EU Security Rules for protecting EU Classified Information). Nixu Certification’s internal security conforms up to protection level II (SECRET).

The company has also obtained the international ISO 27001 accreditation, enabling it to certify organizations’ information security management systems. In addition, Nixu Certification audits cloud services against national and international frameworks, health care systems and payment card security. The focus is solely on cybersecurity audits and the selection will increase in the future.

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