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New Voicemail-Themed Phishing Attacks Use Evasion Techniques and Steal Credentials – Analysis from Zscaler ThreatLabZ

July 2020 by ZSCALER

In July 2020, researchers at ThreatLabZ observed an increase in the use of voicemail as a theme for social engineering attacks. Through the intelligence gathered from the Zscaler cloud, they discovered several newly registered domains that use VoIP and voicemail as themes for their credential-stealing phishing campaigns.

This social engineering campaign is specifically designed to reach end users in large enterprises. The use of voicemail delivered in an email message, and the use of phishing pages that spoof enterprise applications, such as Office 365 and Outlook, signal the attackers’ motives. If successful in obtaining a user’s credentials, attackers can access confidential data from the enterprise, potentially selling it or holding it for ransom. They can also leverage company information to launch targeted attacks, which can give them an even greater foothold in the network and cause extensive damage and potential loss for the enterprise.

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