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New Survey Results Show How Ransomware is Affecting Healthcare IT Professionals

May 2016 by Varonis

Varonis Systems, Inc., a provider of software solutions that protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks, today announced the findings of a new survey that polled more than 100 healthcare IT professionals to gauge the reach of ransomware in the healthcare industry.

The overall results show that ransomware is becoming a more prevalent threat vector, targeting and infecting 38% of healthcare IT professionals polled. Of those infected, the biggest change has been to increase security education for employees. Highlights from the healthcare IT survey include:

• 47% of respondents detected their ransomware hack via a pop-up saying the files had been infected, with only 26% caught by a security technology and 18% noticed by IT personnel.

• 94% had endpoint protection such as anti-virus software in place on the infected workstations.

• 50% had to manually inspect file shares to look for signs of infection to determine which users/systems had been infected and which files had been encrypted.

• Given the recent wave of ransomware, 15% are reducing employee access based on a need-to-know/least privilege model, while 14% enhanced auditing, analysis and alerting of employee file usage, 12% are investing in other security technologies, and 34% have increased security education for employees.

Varonis is always looking to inform the industry on the latest threats. So, in addition to its behaviour research laboratory and new threat models, Varonis is delighted to offer a free video training course with security expert,Troy Hunt, who covers everything you need to know about ransomware. Troy Hunt is most famously known for creating the data breach service “Have I Been Pwned?”

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