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New CEO Pierre-Yves Gibello announced by the OW2 Board of Directors

March 2022 by Marc Jacob

OW2, the community that promotes free software for information systems, is delighted to welcome Pierre-Yves Gibello as its new CEO. The software industry expert and passionate open source explorer will build on the foundations laid by Cedric Thomas since 15 years.

Pierre-Yves Gibello has worked for small and large IT players, as well as research institutes. He has created his own company, and still develops software code, while remaining curious and agile, practising alpinism, backpacking travels and cross-country skiing.

OW2 ambitions to re-inforce its position as key player in the global ecosystem of open source communities with a particular attention given to the development of OW2 Market Readiness Levels and the OW2 Open Source Good Governance Initiative, both of which contribute to the professionalisation of open source software.

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