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Netwrix Survey: Employees Pose the Biggest Cloud Security Risk for European Businesses

June 2018 by Netwrix

Netwrix Corporation released infographics that illustrate the status of cloud security in EMEA. Source of the infographics is the 2018 Cloud Security: In-Depth Report.

Netwrix surveyed 247 companies across Europe to discover which obstacles organizations meet while adopting cloud technology. Overall the report finds European companies have succeeded in gaining control over cloud better than their North American peers. However, the inability to prevent security incidents in the cloud by insiders is considered as the main risk for most (49%) and a potential barrier to further cloud adoption.

The key findings include:

• 88% of respondents store sensitive data in the cloud. Their main cloud security concern is the risk of unauthorized access (71%). Risk of malware and inability to monitor user activity in the cloud come second with 44% and 43% accordingly.
• 38% of respondents say their overall security has improved after cloud adoption, compared to only 26% in North America.
• Employees are the biggest security risk for the majority of respondents (49%).
• Very few organizations have enough visibility into business user activity in the cloud (21%), and only one-third (32%) has visibility into IT stuff activity.
• 72% of respondents are planning to move more data to the cloud, and 41% are ready to adopt cloud broader. However, only 31% are going to adopt a cloud-first approach.
• To improve cloud security, 57% of companies plan to enhance employee training, and 54% are going to implement stricter security policies.

“The companies that store their customer data in the cloud hesitate to adopt the cloud further, because they are afraid of data breaches, followed by GDPR penalties for infringement of personal data processing principles. However, such position is disruptive for economic growth. The only solution of the cloud security problem is to raise security awareness and gain visibility into all levels of your IT environment. Visibility combined with user behavior analysis will help businesses to mitigate the risk of data loss, as well as to become more confident about using cloud technologies in the future,” said Matt Middleton-Leal, EMEA General Manager at Netwrix Corporation.

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