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NETSCOUT : Triple extortion attacks are on the rise

June 2021 by NETSCOUT

NETSCOUT has discovered that threat actors are now employing triple extortion tactics on their targets. A triple extortion attack involves combining file encryption, data theft and DDoS attacks into a three-headed monster, designed to increase the possibility of payment.

This new extortion attack method – that affects not only companies, but also governments, schools, and public infrastructure – follows a rise in extortion attacks in 2020, as was identified in NETSCOUT’s recently published 2H2020 Threat Intelligence Report.

Philippe Alcoy, Security Technologies for NETSCOUT, said, “The nature of these multi-pronged attacks demonstrates the persistence of malicious actors when they see an opportunity to extort money. It also highlights that the threat of attack doesn’t simply disappear if targeted organisations choose to pay the ransom straight away. In our increasingly digital world, where attack size, frequency and complexity are rising all the time, it is crucial that defenders and security professionals stay up to date with cyberattack trends and continue to educate themselves accordingly in how to protect critical infrastructure.”

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