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NCSC annual review - comment from Fujitsu

November 2020 by Fujitsu

The NCSC reported in its fourth annual review that it handled 723 incidents, with around 200 related to coronavirus.
The comment from Ben Freeney, Advanced Threat Services Manager, Fujitsu UK:

“Covid-19 has quickly become a popular ‘lure’ for cyber attackers, with more people seeking out information about the pandemic and therefore the likelihood to trust and click on false links increasing.

“Working from home has become a staple and organisations must ensure that employees know the role they play when it comes to preventing a cyber-attack. Take phishing, for example. When an employee receives a phishing email, there will be clues that the sender is not who they pretend to be. The use of special characters, spelling and grammar mistakes and the email address of the attacker are just some red flags that employees should look out for.

“Organisations need to ensure that their staff are fully aware of the importance of maintaining good cyber security practices in their day-to-day tasks. However, phishing emails are now so sophisticated, you can’t rely on employee awareness alone to protect the organisation from attacks; they cannot be blamed for falling victim to professional social engineers. Organisations have a responsibility to deploy defence in depth to provide multiple ways to prevent phishing emails from being successful. Processes such as filtering emails, employee awareness, threat intelligence, blocking malicious domains and multi-factor authentication should all be in place to protect staff from potential cyber-attacks.”

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