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Motiv Chooses 2 factor authentication from SecurEnvoy

March 2012 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

SecurEnvoy confirmed that Motiv is not just selling its solutions, but is also using them. Motiv has implemented SecurAccess internally, replacing its own hardware tokens with SecurEnvoy’s SMS and soft tokens. Motiv’s end-users now have the choice of either soft or tokenless authentication.

Motiv, not dissimilar to other organisations, has a variety of users - those that log in every day and those that only log in if they’re ill at home. Instead of providing every user with an expensive hardware token, SecurAccess delivers rock-solid two factor authentication at a fraction of the cost.

As the inventors of tokenless authentication, SecurEnvoy’s solution turns any phone that can receive SMS texts into an authentication token providing industry standard two-Factor authentication.

The key strategy to successful use of SMS for delivering passcodes is resolving intermittent network coverage and SMS delivery delays. SecurEnvoy overcomes this by pre-loading one time passcodes (each authentication attempt sends the next required passcode) and with three pre-loaded one time passcodes with each message. In addition to tokenless SMS Two-Factor authentication, clients can opt to use a soft token application, available as a download, and suitable for most types of mobile devices – iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry, etc. This gives the end user greater flexibility between tokenless or soft tokens.

With SecurEnvoy, clients buy a licence which is perpetual, an annual fee for support, leaving just the SMS costs to cover. With soft tokens SMS costs are negated, making the solution even cheaper.

In addition to user flexibility and affordability, SecurEnvoy is also adaptable to different environments, which is important for Motiv as a managed service provider.

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